The second installment of the Love’s Grace series is a touching, tender romance between a wary heiress and a man of newfound wealth who form an unconventional alliance. Delamere reaches out to readers yearning for a lovely story that is sensitive yet passionate. The power of love, second chances and even the joy of the holiday season combine to create the perfect atmosphere for this charmer.

No one knows that heiress and socialite Margaret Vaughn is penniless and marrying to save her family. What Margaret doesn’t know is that her fiancé is marrying her for her money. Once Margaret sees he’s a fortune hunter, she knows her reputation is ruined. Tom Poole has amassed a fortune in Australia’s gold mines and is ready to take his place in society. He’s intrigued by Margaret’s beauty, grace and social standing, and when she thinks all is lost, Tom steps in with a proposal. Tom agrees to help Margaret out of her financial straits, but at a price. Now, more wary of men than ever, Margaret has to decide to take a chance and trust Tom with her finances and her heart. Tom must work just as hard to prove to Margaret that it’s her love he desires. (FOREVER, Oct., 416 pp., $8.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin