Marvelle’s exceptional romance is peppered with the erotic adventures of those in polite society, matching two characters who have very different viewpoints about sex and love. Undertones of acceptance touch every part of the story, from Ronan’s painful childhood, his family in France and the lengths to which he goes to secure Caroline in his life, to Caroline’s loneliness as an unaccepted member of society, her relationship with her parents and how she discovers what real love means. Fans of Charlotte Featherstone should consider picking up a copy for themselves and then another for a friend!

Caroline had a most unconventional childhood, raised by parents who shielded her from nothing. She has met with her brother’s friend Ronan, Lord Caldwell, every Thursday since she was 13 to talk and play cards. Over the years, Caroline falls in love with Caldwell, urging her father to help him out when he hits financial ruin. To pay his debts and further support his extended family, Ronan has become the paid “companion” to wealthy society widows — all the while hiding his true feelings from Caroline, believing himself unworthy of her love. When his secret is revealed, Ronan must accept himself before he can pursue a lasting relationship with Caroline. (DELILAHMARVELLE.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty