Were not in Kansas any more! Glynis Muldoon is out riding the range when shes suddenly caught up in whirlwind that sets her down right in the middle of a skirmish between a band of Irish outlaws and the a troop of British redcoats.

Carrick des Marcaeux is stunned by the sudden appearance of a stranger, but he has no time to think. He fights off his enemies and rescues the mysterious women. Though Glynis is shocked to find herself in 1832, Carrick is not. His mother, Lady Alanna, had arrived in a similar fashion more than 30 years before. Hes not surprised by Glynis 20th century vocabulary or her feisty independence. He just wants to see that she is returned home the way she came.

Glynis has difficulty believing in time travel, but she knows that shes in the midst of an Irish rebellion against the British. What Glynis does not realize is that Carrick has seen his own death in the Dragon Heart and knows he will die within the year. He does not fear his fate, but falling in love with Glynis complicates his life.

It is now up to Glynis to somehow alter history, to convince Carrick to travel back to the future with her in hopes of keeping him alive.

Ms. Lafoy brings a breath of fresh air into the time travel genre with a marvelous sequel to her popular It Happened One Night. Humor, sensuality, and adventure will sweep readers through another dimension into a delightful tale. (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin