Image of Lady Rosabella's Ruse


Image of Lady Rosabella's Ruse

Lethbridge’s latest is an interesting blend of several storylines pulled together by the sexually charged relationship between the characters. Readers seeking depth of emotion or a richly textured backdrop will find them lacking, but for pace, sensuality and plenty of plot twists, this romance is ideal.

Rosabella Pelham poses as a widow to obtain a position as Lady Keswick’s companion in order to search her childhood home for her father’s will. Garth Evernden, Baron Stanford, accepts Lady Keswick’s invitation to a “naughty” house party, but only Rose’s exotic beauty interests him. He sees the prim “widow” as a challenge and once he believes he has discovered her secret he sets about seducing her. Rose knows it is wrong to fall in love, but she cannot resist Garth. Once they become lovers, she flees, refusing to accept his proposal of marriage — a proposal made out of duty, not love. She goes to London and works as an opera singer, but Garth follows to convince her to accept him and his love. (HARLEQUIN, Feb., 304 pp., $6.25)
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Kathe Robin