Image of Lady of the Roses: A Novel of the Wars of the Roses


Image of Lady of the Roses: A Novel of the Wars of the Roses

Worth's War of the Roses series
has garnered well-deserved accolades
due to the meticulous research that allows her to bring colorful historical
characters and tumultuous eras
to life. Rich descriptions, realistic
dialogue and fascinating people
thrust her story forward. Worth
proves that history is as powerful
as fiction.

In a time of great strife
and divided loyalties, young Isobel Ingoldesthorpe, lady in waiting to Lancastrian Queen Marguerite, falls
in love with Yorkist John Neville and
he with her. Their love defies politics and through months of negotiations and the payment of a high bride
price, they are allowed to wed.

Their idyllic honeymoon blocks
out the war where brother sets
against brother and a mad queen
plots her own intrigues. However,
the world intrudes and the newlyweds
are pulled into the conflict. Isobel
refuses to be apart from John and
with her wits and wiles and a few
disguises joins the battle between
the White and Red Roses (the Houses
of Lancaster and York). Even as
the war and tragedy pull them apart
their love becomes stronger, but is
it strong enough against death?
(Berkley, Jan., 400 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin