Image of Lady of Seduction (Daughters of Erin)


Image of Lady of Seduction (Daughters of Erin)

The last book in the Daughters of Erin trilogy is as powerful and romantic as McKee’s fans could desire. McKee shows readers she is a force to be reckoned with, an author who can turn a villain into a delicious hero. The action, romance, suspense and intriguing historical details all add to readers’ pleasure.

It was foolish for Lady Caroline Blacknall to set sail for the island of Muirin Inish off the Irish coast in bad weather, but for some reason she needs to get her hands on the fabled book known as The Chronicle. When she’s shipwrecked, Sir Grant Dunmore rescues her and Caroline is suddenly back in the clutches of the man who almost killed her. Grant has never forgiven himself for endangering Caroline’s life and he has no excuse for his actions. But Caroline senses there is a good man inside Grant and is determined to prove it, especially when guests arrive on the island. Suddenly she is thrust into the center of a conspiracy that involves the future of Ireland, the French and the Chronicle. Dare she trust her heart and the newfound love she and Grant have found? (FOREVER, Jun., 340 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin