While the topic of a married lady becoming embroiled in an affair may be considered distasteful, the author elevates the tale with excellent writing. Knight shows readers a side of Regency England that many may have not explored — the decadent sex clubs that make it possible for lovers fulfill their every desire.

As a young woman, Olivia Covington married the older Earl of March. Because of her husband’s advanced age, Olivia has never known true passion in the bedroom. When the charming rake Tristan Knightley, Earl of Newcastle, tempts Olivia into joining him at a house party where the guests enjoy a night of debauchery, Olivia agrees to attend. Knowing she is courting scandal, she cannot pass up the chance to finally appease her curiosity. A single tryst between Tristan and Olivia is not enough to satisfy their mutual passions. However, Olivia’s marriage stands in the way of the lovers ever being together again. (CARINA PRESS, Dec. 2011, dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne