Jennifer Roberson first introduced her recreation of the legend of Robin Hood in her Lady of of the Forest. The characters return full of life and lore, but with new problems to face when their king, Richard the Lionhearted, dies. They must face a new monarch: Prince John or his cousin, Arthur of Brittany.

Robin goes to Richards side as he lies dying, knowing his choice will affect all he loves. The Kings pardon will not reach beyond the grave, and both John and Sheriff de Lacey would see them hang.

While Robin is gone, Marian makes a bitter enemy of the Sheriff, and declares war upon the vile man who would steal her home and kill an innocent child. Will Robin return to help Marian with her mission and will their love survive as men battle for the right to be king?

Ms. Roberson has written an updated Robin Hood with a highly-proactive Maid Marian, a woman modern-day readers can empathize with and admire. Yet the legend maintains its beauty, magic, romance and chivalry, and its ability to make readers sigh and cheer with excitement and happiness. Ms. Roberson successfully breathes life into legend and legend into our hearts. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $14.00—Hardcover published November 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin