Desperation and concern for her struggle for women's rights drives Charlotte, the widowed Baroness of Mardenford, to forgo propriety and barge into barrister Nathaniel Knightridge's home. Though it is rumored no woman is safe from the rogue, Charlotte believes he is at a low point and that it should be a "safe" time to strike for her cause. Instead, she finds him far more sexy and dangerous than she imagined.

Charlotte believes Nathaniel will not recognize her as the masked woman who joined him in a passionate liaison a short time ago. But Nathaniel would know the alluring lady he seduced anywhere and uses his knowledge to play into her hand. He will help her, but there is a price and that price is passion.

Amid the whirl of society and work, the two come close to becoming lovers. Their meetings are heated and the sexual tension pours from the pages. But there are secrets in Charlotte's past, secrets Nathaniel can expose; secrets that can allow them to give free rein to their forbidden passion.

Hunter sets the pages ablaze. Her emotionally charged stories will resonate with readers who enjoy exploring the depth of human nature along with the passions that drive people to explore their sexuality. Never predictable, continually fresh and intelligent, her novels grab you and never let go. SENSUAL (Mar., 404 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin