Image of Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (Windham Series)


Image of Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (Windham Series)

Burrowes is an unconventional storyteller who knows exactly how to touch a reader’s heart and reach deeply into the soul. She’s pulled out all the stops in an extraordinary, precious, unforgettable holiday story.

Lady Sophie Windham wants some peace and quiet before the family get-together. She’s on her way to London when her maid sneaks off, abandoning her 6-month-old infant. Vim Charpentier has problems of his own, but when he spies a young woman holding a crying infant, he offers his help. Vim knows a lot about babies, having raised his siblings. Arriving safely, Vim expects to stay a day or two to teach Sophie how to care for “Lord” Kit. He doesn’t expect to fall in love. Sophie has been taking in strays all her life, but this baby is a miracle. Vim watches her fall in love with Kit and then with him. In the snowbound house they form a family, built on care, trust and love. Their idyll lasts until her brothers arrive to escort Sophie home. Each dreams of making the other’s Christmas wish come true, but ‘tis is the season for miracles. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 418 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin