When Lady Minerva Sparrowdale discovers a list of initials in her late husband's ledgers, each one corresponding to an illegitimate son, she is determined to right at least some of his wrongs. Most shocking, is the set of initials which match that of her own infant son whom she was told died at birth. She hires the discreet Lord Lowell to help her track down the full identities of these children. Accepting an assignment from Mina provides him with many surprises, including his fierce protective instincts where the Lady is concerned. Barbara Metzger's LADY SPARROW (3) is a bit slow to start, but the chemistry between Lolly and Mina changes that the moment they meet. The pair's adventures through many of London's seedier parts of town provide an amusing backdrop as they track down each missing child on their own path to love. (Aug., 240 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck