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After a raid upon his village Brian mac Logan seeks the aid of Gwynneth the Seafarer to sail to Ireland to reclaim his daughter's stolen legacy. Wynne, Princess Gwynneth, took to the seas after divorcing her abusive husband. Since then her enemies have sworn a blood oath against her.

Virile and dauntless, Brian mac Logan stirs Wynne's body and soul as no other, and though she tries to convince herself that it is for the child that she agrees to help, in her heart she knows otherwise.

A widower, Brian has devoted his life to his children and his liege, agreeing to his High King's demand to marry to form an alliance with the Picts. Then he meets Wynne....

Their affections deepen as they search for the Mayo Girdle, the sacred belt belonging to the Sisters of the Cloister of the Yew. But the dark obsessions of those who seek to destroy Wynne and her champion also deepen.

Faced with untold enemies and the possibility that Brian may have to wed another, the lovers stand united against all odds for another chance at happiness.

In LADY OF SUMMER Ms. Merritt brings back characters from her previous novels, Lord of Fire and Lord of Thunder in a colorful tale of a union that defies time itself to live in our hearts and minds forever. An enrichment to any book shelf. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox