With her husbands death at King Richards side in the Holy Land, Lady Emmalyn of Fallonmour is under the rule of the kings trusted knight, Sir Cabal, (aka Blackheart) for protection.

A man of war, Cabal is not pleased with the mission Richard gives him, to guard Fallonmour and keep the estate and the lady of the manor safe from Prince Johns designs on the land and the ladys fortune.

Yet, upon meeting the young widow, Cabal feels his interest stirring. Why does she not cry upon hearing of her husbands death and does she truly manage the estate as well as it appears?

As Cabal takes his place as temporary lord, he comes to respect Emmalyn and her need for independence, though it is unusual in a woman of this time. Emmalyn does not see Cabal as blackhearted. Though they are engaged in a battle of wills, she respects his strength and underlying nobility. She is temptation to Cabal to defy orders and fall in love with the woman he was sent to protect. When Emmalyn is in danger, his true heroism shines.

Tina St. John lights up the middle ages with fire and passion much to the readers delight. LADY OF VALOR is just what medieval romance fans desire: colorful history, a battle of wills, a well-drawn backdrop and fresh characterization woven into a tried-and-true plotline. SENSUAL Apr., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin