Image of Lady in Waiting (Warner Forever)


Image of Lady in Waiting (Warner Forever)
Caskie's unique wit sparkles in this tale of lady's maid Jenny Penny and her homemade facial cream.

Jenny is a shopaholic who raises the cash to pay her bills by making a facial cream that creates tingling sensations. Soon the ladies of the ton are applying it, well, "down there." All of Bath believes "Lady Eros" makes the cream, and Jenny isn't about to say differently—until she meets Callum Campbell, Lord Argyle, a handsome man who has newly arrived in town.

With the help of her matchmaking employers, Jenny masquerades as Lady Genevieve and fascinates Callum. But how can she explain her many different identities to him?

Caskie's clever plotting shines in this Cinderella-esque tale of lady's maid turned lady with the help of three fairy godmothers. The backdrop of Bath and the idea of a lady entrepreneur are brilliant. If it takes Callum too long to come around, well, that's all the more mayhem created by Jenny's cream. SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin