Attacked by outlaws, Lady Raven, High Priestess of the Cloister of the Grove, is rescued by Kolby of Apelstadt who is searching for a sacred shawl, decorated with bells inscribed with directions to the Druids' apple grove.

Kolby is on a mission to save his dying liege lord. He has sworn to find the sacred tree and to return with the magical apples that will restore his king and the groves of Apelstadt.

Kolby has searched the Highlands to no avail. Not realizing that which he seeks is close at hand, he takes Raven along with him.

As a sequestered priestess who has taken a vow of celibacy, Raven fights her attraction to the Viking warrior. Her efforts prove useless for the gods have other plans for Kolby and Raven.

When they are forced to stay in an outlaw village, Kolby must champion Raven. Though his intentions are honorable it is not long before they succumb to the raging tide of emotions consuming them.

In their search for the sacred tree, Raven and Kolby meet with dangerous foes from Raven's past. Raven sheds her robes and takes up a sword to defend her family and face her past. Together she and Kolby will find a way to save the future.

Readers will be swept away by the sheer beauty and magic of the LADY OF WINTER. Emma Merritt weaves a glorious tapestry rich in emotional intensity, vivid in characterization and lush in texture. The luster of Ms. Merritt's writing will continue to glow within our hearts. SENSUAL (Nov., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox