Lady Olivia Xavier runs a successful brewery that her late husband left her. George Pryce will stop at nothing to put her out of business. When his men accost her, Will Coffin, an American cowboy, rescues her.

Will's rugged ways fluster Olivia. He refuses her offer of a reward but agrees to help her with her problems at the brewery. In exchange she will use her contacts to help him find his family in England.

Together they overcome an attempted sabotage of the brewery. When Will rescues her from a kidnapping attempt, their feelings for each other cannot be denied. Olivia is the first woman Will feels he could spend his life with, but he's worried about their class differences. Can their love for each other overcome all of the obstacles?

This is a fast-paced read filled with great characters and wonderful details about brewing beer. There is also humor: Imagine a cowboy speaking Yiddish and a proper British lady answering in kind! This promising debut indicates that Archer has a bright career ahead of her. SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager