On the day of her wedding, Adela Macleod is abducted. Her sister Sorcha is gleeful, believing the kidnapper is the man she "arranged" to stop the wedding, Sir Hugh Robison. But Hugh had nothing to do with the abduction, and now Sorcha must rescue her sister from a sadistic enemy.

Hugh cannot tell Sorcha that the reason he didn't come for Adela is because he's attracted to Sorcha, and as soon as she sets off, he follows her. Sorcha and Hugh forge a bond of respect, caring and, eventually, love. But once they locate Adela, everything they have may not be enough to save themselves and Adela.

The premise of Scott's adventure romance is strong, but the pace is slowed as she presents Sorcha's story and then Adela's, sometimes to the point of confusion. There's also a lack of strong conflict. Since Hugh is already in love with Sorcha, and the romance takes a backseat to the adventure, which is atypical of Scott, who usually balances romance with adventure. This is a pleasant, though slow, read. SENSUAL (Aug., 416 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin