Renowned cryptographer Seamus McCurren is stumped by a new code devised by the French. He's surprised when Lady Juliet Pervill is assigned to assist him in breaking the code.

Her reputation is in tatters and Juliet refuses to stand by and bear society's censure. Instead she offers her services to the Foreign Office where she can use her mathematical and logic abilities. It also fascinates her that she will be working with the "famous" McCurren.

When Juliet is given a place in his office Seamus' pride is wounded and he refuses to give her the time of day. He has no idea that his heart is in danger as well because Juliet is his equal in intellect and passion.

Together they match wits with a mysterious and deadly spymaster who threatens their lives, their love and their country.

Saxon hooks you from the very first page and keeps you up all night with her thriller romance. A cleverly executed plot, three dimensional characters, a sizzling romance and a mystery that has you guessing to the bitter end is what
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin