Each and every Enoch romance is a sparkling gem brimming over with marvelous characters, depth of emotion, intense sensuality and a plot that twists and turns, leaving readers breathless and deliciously satisfied.

Bartholomew James is a member of the elite and secretive Adventurers' Club. As the only survivor of an ambush where the rest of his unit was massacred, James is determined to uncover how and why the battle occurred. Theresa Weller is a lady through and through, and though she may despise James' horrid behavior, she is drawn to the pain he masks from everyone but her. Why did he steal a kiss from the prim and proper miss? James saw her temper flare and passion rise and couldn't resist. He might be wary of women like Theresa and he's out of her social league, but she's determined to lure him back from darkness and help him find the answers he seeks -- even at the risk of her life and their very improper passion. (AVON, May, 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin