Though Brandy O'Neill dreams of living in a plantation house, she earns her living as a professional poker player on river boats. Then she meets Rafe Marchaud over the card table.

Rafe comes to Brandy's aid when a game gets out of hand, but the next night it is Brandy who must ask for Rafe's help when she loses a fortune to him. Rafe will forego the payment if Brandy agrees to marry him.

Rafe is tired of being pursued by every woman he meets. It will be a real marriage and Brandy will be free to go once he has his heir. But once Brandy is in his bed, their passions explode.

Though the outside world believes theirs is a love match, Brandy knows that once her child is born Rafe will expect her to leave-and that she can never desert her infant.

Their relationship is strained as Brandy decides it would be best if she flees town. When Rafe returns home he is devastated, but can he find a way to win his wife's heart?

Bobbi Smith once again tells a story that will stay in your heart for a long, long time. THE LADY'S HAND is poignant, heartfelt and beautiful. Ms. Smith's memorable cast of characters and secondary plot lines are what make her a truly wonderful storyteller. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager