Readers know Duran will give them something fresh, titillating and unique. No two of her memorable novels are the same and in the latest she takes a traditional mistaken-identity theme and turns it inside out. Compelling, exciting, sensual and unforgettable; here’s a nonstop read everyone will savor.

As impoverished factory worker Nell Whitby stares at the photo of the famous missing heiress, Lady Katherine, daughter of the Earl of Rushdon, she feels as if she is looking into a mirror. But Nell has more important things to do than dream of the impossible; she is out to avenge her mother by facing the man who ruined her. Simon St. Maur must wed a wealthy woman to save his estates and when he encounters Nell, pistol in hand, he sees the opportunity to marry her and pawn her off as the missing Lady Katherine. Though her uncanny resemblance to the heiress should make this a simple task, Simon discovers it’s not easy turning a girl from the slums into a lady. As their lessons progress Simon realizes he is falling in love and Nell learns Simon is not the wastrel everyone believes him to be. As the moment of truth approaches, Nell and Simon discover risking all for love is a gamble they are willing to take. (POCKET STAR, Jul., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin