Desperate times call for desperate measures and surely these were desperate times for Lady Devona. Her childhood sweetheart is in Newgate, set to hang, only because he tried to steal the money to convince her father he was good enough for her. Devonas only hope is to turn to Rayne Tolland Wyman, Viscount Tipton.

At 15, Rayne was believed to have succumbed to the same fever that killed his older brother. He was buried alive and had it not been for grave robbers, hed still be underground. Known as the Refined Corpse, he has shunned society, as his family has shunned him. Devona believes Rayne, now a noted surgeon, can bring her friend back to life after he has been hanged.

Rayne is fascinated by Devona and agrees to her outrageous scheme once she promises to become his betrothed and bring him back into society. Rayne manages to get the condemned man safely on his way to freedom, and Devona marries him.

The sizzling attraction that simmered below the surface emerges and their passion explodes. Devona realizes she has fallen in love with Rayne, but a horrible betrayal tears the newlyweds apart, until a madmans plan is exposed.

Looking for a dark, enigmatic hero? Hes here in the handsome form of Viscount Tipton and ready to ignite your imagination. Different and original, this dark and sometimes brooding tale will intrigue and fascinate and definitely keep you turning the pages. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin