Image of A Lady's Secret Weapon


Image of A Lady's Secret Weapon

Devlyn’s second novel commands reader attention and cements her as a powerful new voice in the genre. Devlyn is a smart storyteller who crafts taut, exciting, emotional novels — the type of story that lingers long after the happily ever after. Here is a spy thriller, a love story and an emotional journey that proves love heals all wounds.

A member of Nexus, an elite spy ring, Ethan deBeau is rescued from a vicious attack by a cloaked figure. He’s determined to unmask his savior. But, first, he must complete his assignment: locating a missing boy, a simple mission for a man of his expertise. His paths cross with Sydney Hunt, owner of the Hunt Employment Agency. To better understand Miss Hunt’s motives for visiting the orphanage he has been investigating, he hires her. Once they realize they are searching for answers to many of the same questions — and Ethan realizes Sydney is his mystery woman — they must work together to uncover what is going on inside the orphanage to save a child and catch a traitor. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin