Robin Schone makes a stunning move into the world of erotic romance with this highly titillating tale depicting the sensual underworld that existed in staid Victorian England.

Elizabeth Petre, the Chancellor of the Exchequers wife, fairly blackmails Ramiel, Lord Safyre, known as the Bastard Sheik, into teaching her how to pleasure a man. Though the idea of acting as a tutor insults Ramiel, the question as to why a woman of Elizabeths stature would come to him is intriguing.

Determined to keep her husband from going to anothers bed, Elizabeth braves scandal by approaching Ramiel, but she needs to learn the arts of love from a man renowned for his prowess.

Their lessons begin in the hours near dawn with Elizabeth reading erotic texts and learning to nurture her own sexuality. Without one touch of Ramiels hands or lips their lessons go on and on, heightening the already smoldering sexual tension into a blaze of desire.

As Elizabeth journeys on her personal road to fulfillment, she begins to question her relationship with her husband. Then danger strikes and the fear that there is a killer on the loose and her family is the target drives Elizabeth into Ramiels arms. There she finds everything she ever dreamed possible and the courage to change her life.

Though not for the gentle reader, THE LADYS TUTOR is a marvelous erotic romance that takes the readers on a sweeping adventure into the very heart of sensuality and the nature of passion. Robin Schone combines a highly charged sexual romance with a strong storyline while she tempts, teases and excites readers imaginations. SPICY (Aug., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin