Image of Laid Bare (A Brown Family Novel)


Image of Laid Bare (A Brown Family Novel)

In a word, this book is amazing. All three characters are magnetic and thoroughly realistic. They're expertly woven into a roller-coaster story that will have you crying one moment, aroused the next and laughing with glee at each triumphant step along the way. With menage and some mild M/M scenes, this is Dane's best story yet!

Ten years ago, Erin and Todd were briefly lovers. Now the former cop has returned to their city, and the wild rock star he once knew has become a more fragile version of herself. Determined to begin again, he insists this time it's for keeps.

She slowly allows him into her life, and when his best friend, Ben, joins them one night in bed, the triad relationship becomes much more than any believed possible. Will these two men help Erin to heal the tragic scars of her past so that she can fully live again? (HEAT, Aug., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bella March