Bringing history to life by merging fictional characters with actual historical personages and events is one of Julianna Garnett's talents. Taking a captive/captor plot theme and filling it with sexual tension, biting repartie and memorable characters is another. Both of these hallmarks are evident in THE LAIRD.

She is his hostage, yet Robert Campbell cannot treat Lady Judith Lindsay as his enemy, nor would he harm the child in her care. Robert meant to capture the girl, who is soon to be betrothed to a powerful Scotsman, but Judith has refused to be separated from her.

An English woman trapped in Scotland is not in an enviable position. Judith is strong, independent, intelligent and politically aware enough to know the danger she is in. But Robert Campbell's kindness sets her at ease.

Robert admires the English widow's spirit and courage. As the battle between The Bruce and Edward escalates, Robert and Judith are caught in their own struggle and only surrendering to their mutual passion can bring them happiness during this time of strife.

History and romance buffs will adore THE LAIRD. Steeped in colorful historical details of the 14th century, this is a rare jewel to cherish if you love history as much as you do romance. SENSUAL (Oct., 300 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin