Image of A Laird for Christmas (Highland Bachelor)


Image of A Laird for Christmas (Highland Bachelor)

A Laird for Christmas seems almost like an embarrassment of riches, with six Scottish lords to choose from. Most of the men are well differentiated, although some of them get lost in the shuffle with similar motivations and characteristics. Fortunately, the men become much more distinct as the story progresses, as well as quite endearing. The novel is highly romantic, but takes itself a little too seriously — which shouldn’t be the case for a book that is essentially a Renaissance version of The Bachelorette. However, the dreamy Christmas motif makes this a nice fit for curling up by the fire on a crisp night.

After the disappearance of her brother and father in battle, Lady Jane has been left to manage the estates on her own. Once her father is presumed dead, Jane finds she must comply with her father’s will and marry before Christmas if she wants to keep her lands. Her maiden aunt summons six men to Bellhaven Castle to compete for her hand, including Nicholas Kincaid — Jane’s former lover and the same man who spread poisonous rumors about her reputation. With her castle becoming increasingly endangered as she rules alone, Jane is forced to make a choice between her heart and her safety. (MONTLAKE, Oct., 321 pp., $12.99)
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Mary Bennings