Banished from his clan after his best friends death, guilt-ridden Alistair Kirallen is determined to find the men responsible for the murder.

Married to an older and difficult man, Dierdre Maxwell exists with little hope, until she meets the newly hired mercenary, Alistair. When her husband dies, Dierdre wants to return to her family and flees before being forced to marry another Maxwell.

Taking her small daughter, she heads home; and as the rising mists part, she sees a vision of a warriorAlistair.

Unable to leave a woman and child to the elements, Alistair agrees to help Dierdre, not knowing that she will ease his pain and become his salvation.

With the help of a ghost, Alistair returns to his childhood home and begins making peace with the demons of his past; and with Deirdres help, old wounds slowly heal, even as new dangers threaten their fragile peace.

Elizabeth English brings some of the most angst-ridden heroes to life in her powerful romances. Readers who adore strong, daring men who need love to heal their wounds will be more than satisfied with LAIRD OF THE MIST. The sheer strength of the storytelling, three-dimensional characters and touch of mysticism is all you could desire. Discover new talent Elizabeth English and youll be happy you did. SENSUAL (Jan., 312 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin