Blair MacArthur knows all about the family curse, which says a Faery Woman with extraordinary powers will face ordeals by fire, water and stone—and will lose her powers if she falls in love and that love is not returned.

War veteran Graeme Campbell is brokenhearted from watching his love, Joan of Arc, die at the stake. But he agrees to wed Blair to save her from her villainous stepbrother, Niall, and claims of witchcraft. While she resists marrying a man who doesn't love her, Blair agrees for her own safety.

Graeme is loath to believe in Blair's powers, until she heals his shattered leg. When she's accused of witchcraft, he must find it within himself to stand before the king and claim his love.

This romance is a departure for Mason, but one that she crafts with excellence and creativity. The characters are just as complex and enjoyable as her other books, but this one has the added attraction of mystery and magic. It's a pleasure to watch Graeme and Blair discover their love, while you enjoy the facets of the supernatural that permeate this wonderful love story. SENSUAL (Sep., 362 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner