Image of The Laird Who Loved Me (The MacLean Curse Series)


Image of The Laird Who Loved Me (The MacLean Curse Series)

Readers who met Caitlyn in Sleepless in Scotland will applaud her return in the second of Hawkins' delightful duet exploring what happens when the "bad" girl gets caught in her own schemes. The story is filled with biting repartee, humor and sexual tension that will keep you turning the pages with glee.

Mischievous Caitlyn Hurst's prank ended up with her sister marrying Hugh MacLean. Now it's time to pay the piper. Alexander MacLean might have once enjoyed his fling and verbal battle with saucy Caitlyn, but now he's enraged by the way she dragged his reputation through the ton gossip mill. He's out for revenge, but he doesn't count on his attraction to the minx or her feminine wiles to ensnare him.

Caitlyn knows her trick was wrong, but her sister and Hugh are so happy that she's glad she wagered that she'd marry Alexander. But she doesn't want his hatred, so she tries to make up, then compels him to agree to a test based on ancient Welsh legend. Some of the tasks are humorous, others more serious, and some reckless. Soon they're falling in love, and neither cares about the bet, only their claiming their heart's desire. (POCKET STAR, Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin