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The renowned seeress, Black Isobel, sees a vision of an eagle and a hawk, which portents William Wallaces capture and torturous death, but also gives a hint of the man who betrayed him; the man known as the Border Hawk, forest outlaw James Lindsay.

With her home under English attack, Isobel must rely on the infamous outlaw to help her escape. But it isnt kindness that compels James to aid Isobel. He plans to ransom her; exchanging her for his cousin being held hostage by Isobels betrothed, Richard.

Haunted by guilt, cursed by circumstance, James is an enigma to Isobel. He is nothing but kind and gentle to her, yet claims to have betrayed his dear friend Wallace, something she cannot believe.

On their journey to his rocky craig home, they find a wounded falcon, and the respect, compassion and love that grows between them is a beautiful thing. But treachery awaits to drive them apart and force Isobel to wed a ruthless schemer, while her father and James are imprisoned. The only hope for Scotlands future is nearly lost.

Susan King sweeps readers away into her this lavishly crafted love story that brilliantly combines history and romance. There is mysticism, passion, beauty, treachery, intrigue and unforgettable characters working together to make a special kind of magic that readers will find spellbinding. SENSUAL (Aug., 397 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin