Sara Donati writes with passion and accuracy about America during its founding years. Following Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner, their family and friends, she creates an epic portrait of a land, a people and a story where adventure, desire, love and history are seamlessly woven together.

The Bonners' peaceful life is about to take a radical change when Hannah, Nathaniel's daughter by his first wife finds an escaped slave looking for their friend Curiosity. The slave woman, Selah, is ill and Hannah, a talented healer, insists upon caring for her, even if it means placing herself in danger from a bounty hunter seeking fugitive slaves.

The bounty hunter is Liam Kirby, Hannah's childhood love and a man who disappeared from the valley years ago. His appearance, Selah's presence and the machinations of several greedy villagers place the Bonners in grave danger and Hannah must find a way to follow her heart and her beliefs.

Beautifully rendered, LAKE IN THE CLOUDS is another masterful achievement for Ms. Donati. She breaths fresh life into history by crafting a story peopled with remarkable, memorable characters and giving them emotions, problems and circumstances we can relate to today. This powerful, uplifting drama ensures that Ms. Donati has a place on many readers' shelves. SWEET (Aug., 610 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin