Spending a summer at the lake with her young son Aaron sounds heavenly to writer Kate Livingston, even if their extended family won't be joining them this year. The appearance of paramedic J.D. Harris, who's occupying a nearby cottage, comes as a welcome surprise. Kate's not in the market for a husband, but she is open to the possibility of romance.

J.D. is as unwilling to consider a permanent relationship as she is, and he's wonderful with Aaron, so it's a perfect arrangement—until Kate realizes she's fallen in love and tells J.D. how she feels. That's when she learns why J.D.'s been so evasive about his identity and has kept an important secret from her.

Wiggs, a consummate storyteller, has few equals when it comes to evoking deep emotion in readers. Richly detailed and textured, the characters are superb. But it's her observations about our modern lives and times that really stand out. (Aug., 416 pp., $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer