Following Lakota Winds, LAKOTA DAWN reunites Cloud Chaser (aka Chase Martin) with his father Chief Rising Bear and his brother Wind Dancer. Adopted by a kindly white couple after his Lakota family thought him dead, Chase has finally repaid his debt to the Martins and returned to his Lakota heritage.

Though he knows it will not be easy to once again ride with the People, he knows his father needs him; for it is a time of strife between white and Lakota and between the tribes themselves.

Chase fights for his acceptance within the camp and finds an ally in his brother, Wind Dancer and in the beautiful and brave maiden Dawn. Chase does not know that by falling in love with Dawn he has made a powerful enemy in Two Feathersa man who will do whatever he must to destroy Chase.

When it becomes clear that tensions are reaching a new high, Chase and Dawn try to find a way to bring peace to the Black Hills. But danger awaits on all sides as many forces try to separate them.

Janelle Taylors appreciation for Native American culture shines forth in each new book she lovingly crafts. Readers will find themselves caught up in both a powerful romance and a stirring historical drama. Ms. Taylor brings new insights into the Lakotas plight and great depth into her characters in a story that will thrill Indian romance fans. SENSUAL (Nov., 279 pp., $5.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin