As one of the first writers of Native American romance, Janelle Taylor knows what her legions of fans desire: a strong hero and heroine, a colorful backdrop brimming with history and a plot of epic proportions. The final volume of the Lakota Series is the powerful story of a warrior determined to fulfill his destiny.

With the white man encroaching on their land, the Oglala Sioux fight for their freedom. During a raid, War Eagle, the chief's son, takes a white woman captive. Unlike many, Caroline Sims does not fear the Oglala, and her bravery earns her War Cloud's respect. But more than that, her acceptance of the Oglala, their customs and her new life earn War Cloud's love.

As the chief's son and heir, War Cloud cannot take Caroline for his wife, but that does not stop the mutual desire that explodes between them. They may have their enemies within the tribe, but as the Bluecoats come closer, Caroline and War Cloud must find a way to ensure peace.

Powerful, historical and passionate, LAKOTA FLOWER is a fine example of what Native American romance should be. SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin