Kaylee Matthews finds a wounded Lakota warrior on her familys land and is determined to save the renegades life, no matter the danger or her stepfathers wrath. She secretly cares for Blue Hawk until he is well enough to return to his people. But the time spent together has formed a powerful attraction between them.

Blue Hawk knows he must return to his people. They are in desperate need of guns and supplies. Though he finds Kaylee a great temptation, he knows that by holding her for ransom he can get the money he needs. When the opportunity arises, he brings Kaylee to his village.

Living with the Lakota is an eye-opening experience for Kaylee. She comes to respect and love Blue Hawk and his people enough to marry him and stay among the People.

From the vast ranch lands, to the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Kaylee and Blue Hawk savor every moment together. They have no idea that Blue Hawks greatest enemy is riding with her stepfather to try and rescue her.

Torn between two worlds, her love for her mother and her husband, Kaylee strives to find a way to bring everyone in her life together in peace.

Madeline Baker has managed to put a great deal of plot, history and Lakota culture into fairly short novel. Yet her excellent depiction of the culture and plight of the Lakota, the rampant mistrust and prejudice between people, overshadow the sweet love story between Kaylee and Blue Hawk. One event falls so quickly upon the next that readers are given the usual strong, emotional story they expect from Ms. Baker. SWEET (Jan., 340 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin