Innocent red-haired Jassy McCloud has a bad case of hero worship. Creed Maddigan, the unlikely hero, is a half-breed gunfighter/bounty hunter who saves Jassy from ravishment. When these two outcasts develop an unlikely bond, Jassy fantasizes about marrying Creed, but he's not ready for such a big step-she's too young, too good and much too pure for him.

Before they can explore their feelings, Creed is arrested for murder and sentenced to 20 years. Jassy is powerless to save him and even though Creed still has his doubts and concerns about their relationship, he escapes and returns for Jassy. Nothing will keep them apart-not prison, Indians, bounty hunters or traitorous villains.

Madeline Baker, who has been experimenting with different genres, returns to her signature Indian romances with LAKOTA RENEGADE. This latest addition is as rich, passionate and delicious as all her award-winning romances. SENSUAL (Sept., 440 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer