Two hearts filled with bitterness and pain find one another in this exciting, historically accurate tale from a premier Indian Romance writer.

His wife and child killed by the Crow, Wind Dancer, a Oglala Lakota warrior and chiefs son, feels compelled to protect his tribe and train for the day he will become their leader. He has no desire to take another woman into his life; instead he thrives on the need to avenge his familys death.

They day he meets fellow Lakota warrior Chumani (Morning Mist, aka Dewdrop), he is stunned to find a woman whose anger and need for vengeance rival his own. A skilled hunter in her own right, Chumani has vowed to never marry again after her husband and son were slaughtered by the Crow.

However, their destinies are bound together in a vision seen by Chumanis revered shaman. They will marry and join their tribes together, forging a powerful union against their mutual enemies.

Though it is for the good of their people, both Wind Dancer and Chumani slowly learn that their marriage is for their own good as well. Their love becomes the overwhelming force in their lives as they use this power to destroy those who would threaten their lives.

Set against a rich, cultural backdrop of a wild, untamed land, LAKOTA WINDS, the first in a new series, Lakota Skies. This stirring story confirms the love and spirit that binds people to each other and the land. SENSUAL (May, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin