The Civil War robs Dianne Chadwick of her father. Her oldest brother, Trenton, runs off to avenge his father's death. To escape the devastating conflict, the rest of Dianne's family travels from Missouri west to Montana territory to live with her mother's brother. Tragedy dogs their footsteps, and Dianne's faith in God dies to a flicker. The few friendships she makes are sabotaged by prejudice. Even her attraction to the assistant wagon master, Cole Selby, seems doomed to disappointment. Yet when Dianne's family reaches Montana, she knows she has found the LAND OF MY HEART (3). Tracie Peterson's first release set in the 1860s in her new Heirs of Montana series is a skillfully woven dark tale. Only toward the end does hope revive. Readers may find some author intrusions and point-of-view choices distracting. (Feb., 400 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson