Image of The Lass Wore Black (Scottish Sisters)


Image of The Lass Wore Black (Scottish Sisters)

Ranney spins threads of Beauty and the Beast into a wondrous love story that is not just romantic, moving and thought provoking, but also unforgettable. She brilliantly uses the power and darkness of the fairy tale, infusing her version with a bit of humor and plenty of poignancy. Lucky readers get the opportunity to watch her heroine grow and change while learning about the power and magic of love.

Catriona Cameron was a great beauty who planned on snaring a duke for a husband, but a shooting and carriage accident changed her life. She hides her scarred face behind a veil. Her distraught aunt calls on Dr. Mark Thorburn to try and heal Catriona. Mark can spare little time for a self-pitying woman, but when he allows Catriona to believe he is a footman, he realizes she is a lost soul, like those he cares for in the slums of Edinburgh.Catriona awakens something in Mark as he urges her to live and love with passion. Neither realizes a powerful enemy is stalking Catriona and will stop at nothing until she is dead. (AVON, Feb., 425 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin