In a perilous era, when King John fears his barons revolting or a legitimate heir threatening his throne, Robin Wardieu d'Ambroise and Brenna his sister are sworn to protect the lost Princess of Brittany and hold the kingdom's fate.

Griffyn Renaud de Verdelay has been hired to kill Robin. As a mercenary who earns a living fighting in tournaments, Griffyn will do his job, but once he suspects that they are all pawns in a deadly game, his honor wars with his duty.

Once Griffyn and Brenna meet, the tension is palpable. She is both drawn and repelled by the dark knight. When she discovers Griffyn is the infamous "Prince of Darkness," she will sacrifice all to prevent his meeting Robin on the field at the great tournament.

The searing passion that blossoms between Brenna and Griffyn continues to grow as they are drawn deeper into a nefarious plot that leads from Normandy to Nottingham and into Sherwood Forest where the last extraordinary secret is yet to be revealed.

THE LAST ARROW is integral to the fabulous Robin Hood trilogy. Her version of the legendary Prince of Thieves and his Merry Men is as unique as her writing. Ms. Canham's talents lie in her ability to transport the reader into her novels where they witness the daring adventure, action, passion, romance and danger of a bygone era.

Those who have already read the two preceding tales will love this book as will those who meet Robin for the first time. Ms. Canham's skill at recreating legend is unparalleled. SENSUAL (May, 430 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin