Image of Last Blood (House of Comarré)


Image of Last Blood (House of Comarré)

Painter’s world of shapeshifters, vampires and comarrés — a special race of humans bred to feed the vampire nobility — is an intricate and exciting one. With a huge battle raging, this story begins at a breakneck pace and never lets up. Action abounds, tensions are high and the passion between Chrysabelle and her vampire love, Mal, is fiery.

Chrysabelle is depressed and heartbroken that her love, the vampire Mal, no longer has love for her because it was devoured by a raptor fae. Mal is cold, uncaring and out for blood, which puts him at odds with Chrysabelle. Meanwhile, there is a war still raging between the forces of dark and light and a bigger evil facing them known as Castus Sanguis. It will take all of their might, alliances and even a sacrifice to defeat this great evil and win against the dark legions. (ORBIT, Aug., 464 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates