Image of Last Breath: A Novel of Suspense


Image of Last Breath: A Novel of Suspense

New York Times bestseller Stewart rounds out her most recent trilogy, revolving around the FBI-based Shields family, with this exciting and unusual novel. Modern archaeology collides with cult religious views -- which leads to spellbinding mystery and murder. Stewart is riding on a mighty large wave of hits.

SUMMARY: Following in the family footsteps, Dr. Daria McGowan has become a world-renowned archaeologist. She receives an exciting opportunity to design a museum exhibit based on the never-before-seen treasures her grandfather found when he discovered the lost city of Shandihar a century earlier.

Upon learning that a number of valuable pieces are missing, Daria calls on "almost flame" Connor Shields, an FBI agent, for help. As Connor and Daria try to track the missing artifacts, they discover that the new owners have been ritualistically and brutally murdered. Is someone from an ancient cult exacting revenge? If so, then Daria, the granddaughter of the man who found Shandihar, may be a prime target. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 288 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith