When Wanda Gray is found on the roadside of Ahmed Bakari's Kenyan Safari Ranch, she's in dire straits. Suffering from amnesia, the prized journalist is presumed dead by her family in the U.S. As she spends her days recovering in the lush atmosphere of Kenya, she falls for Ahmed. Slow to take to the young beauty and wary of trusting women, Ahmed is, nonetheless, enthralled. But just as their relationship blossoms, Wanda regains her memory and, while she wants to be with Ahmed, she's afraid of how he'll react when he learns the truth about her.

Some details prove confusing and unclear in Phillips' latest. Additionally, there is little information about Wanda, Ahmed and Wanda's husband, Stephen. These missing details are key components that would spice up an otherwise lackluster story. Emotion-invoking subplots keep the story afloat and camouflage gray areas. (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton