Lady Dominie De Montford needs a warrior to protect her lands. When rumor reaches her that Armand Flambard, the fiancé she believed was dead, is indeed alive, she hurries to Breckland Abbey to fetch him. He is not the man she remembers, however. Armand pleads with her to understand that he's taking a monk's vows and refuses to return to a warrior's life.

When Armand gets his first glimpse of Dominie after being estranged for five years, he realizes his desires and thoughts are far from holy, and he prays unsuccessfully for deliverance from a vixen who won't take no for an answer.

Dominie convinces the abbot that Armand should accompany her to her estates, and their journey is fraught with anger and sexual tension. Armand's spill into a creek leaves them both without dry clothes and bedding down together to keep warm. Dominie realizes that sleeping next to the handsome Armand is just what she wants, and when she gets him home, she is determined to force the monkish knight to fight for what once belonged to him—as she fights to win him back.

Hale takes the unusual and turns it into a wonderful tale filled with humor, danger and love. SENSUAL (May, 164 pp., $5.25)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. SMith