Jill Marie Landis has written LAST CHANCE for all her readers who wanted to find out what happened to the young school teacher Rachel and her student Lane.

It's been ten years since Lane Cassidy fled Last Chance, but he has never stopped thinking about the school marm who risked her reputation for him. Now he's the one with a reputation as a gunfighter and Pinkerton agent searching for the train robber known as the Gentleman Bandit.

A widow ready to retire her mourning clothes, Rachel McKenna is stunned to see her old student and secretly thrilled he has come home. Once unhappily married to the sheriff (who died in a brothel), Rachel welcomes Lane warmly, but her in-laws frown upon their friendship. When the McKennas try to take her son away, Rachel needs Lane's help.

Rachel's dilemma, Lane's mission, various meddlers, as well as the return of Rachel's brother-in-law Robert McKenna, all conspire to throw Rachel and Lane together. A gun battle, imprisonment and surprising revelations help to bring this wonderful couple love at last.

Tender, warm and wonderfully satisfying, LAST CHANCE is exactly what fans have come to expect from Ms. Landis' pen: American romance, powerful emotions and a love story that makes your toes tingle. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin