When tabloid journalist Allison Wakefield is assigned to write an exposé on mysterious author Jake Covington, she's reluctant to take part in ruining his impeccable reputation, all for the sake of getting the story. Unfortunately, her boss sees things in a different manner, so she has no choice.

Trailing the author's every move turns out to be more difficult than Allison expected—and—the fact that he's unbelievably attractive makes the assignment all the more interesting.

Allison is an admirable, multidimensional heroine and Forster's incorporation of Jake's "double life" adds a nice twist. While not particularly fast-paced, the novel's tone is set quickly in a near-perfect manner, and Jake and Allison are well suited for one another. (Aug., 302 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton