Miss Lucy Hart, spinster postmistress of Colonias, New York, sets out to do something scandalous: take a vacation to Atlantic City to meet the man she has been corresponding with for a year. Everything is perfect—until the wrong gent shows up.

Blackie LaDuke is a man more concerned with pleasure than principle. So when a lovely lady mistakes him for her beau, he's only too pleased to oblige her. It's the classic story of the good girl and the bad boy romancing each other during the Gilded Age of Atlantic City. Endearing secondary characters nearly steal the show, such as Lady Strange, who tells fortunes, the old Colonel and Lachlan, whose friendship gives Lucy the strength she needs to face life head on.

As sexy as anything you might expect from Ryan, but infused with a tenderness that matches the elegance and beauty of the era, The Last Dance is a haunting and beautiful romance that lingers long after. A splendid read! SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin