Image of Last Dance At Jitterbug Lounge


Image of Last Dance At Jitterbug Lounge

As engaging as Jack and Claire's story is, it can't compete with that of Jack's grandparents, Bud and Geri, which is told in first-person flashbacks throughout the book. It takes the reader back to a different time--and offers a striking contrast to what Jack and Claire are going through. This is a thoroughly delightful read.

After building a poolscaping business and having three children together, Jack and Claire Crabtree have begun to drift apart--and fight constantly. The main point of contention is the big, beautiful house that Jack's built and wants to move the family into. Claire likes the home they're in and refuses to consider uprooting the children.

When Jack learns that his grandfather, Bud, is in a coma, Claire accompanies him for a visit and meets the entire clan for the first time. It's an eye-opening experience, as is getting to know Jack all over again. Maybe there's hope for them after all ... but it's going to take time to find out. (MIRA, May, 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer