Image of The Last Dead Girl


Image of The Last Dead Girl

This powerful entry in Dolan’s spectacular David Loogan series is riveting and emotionally draining. The dark and disturbing story leads to a forceful and touching conclusion. Events occur so unexpectedly that they hit readers like a punch to the gut. Dolan’s writing is superb. He’s a master of crisp prose, dialogue that rings true and characters who seem totally real. If you like character-driven, suspenseful mysteries, you’ll love Dolan.

David met Jana 10 days ago. Always on edge, Jana won’t explain the bruise on her cheek, but she does tell David that she thinks someone is watching her. When Jana is murdered, David is the primary suspect. Released due to lack of evidence, he begins his own investigation — not just to save himself; he feels that he owes it to Jana to find the truth behind her murder. David’s discoveries are shocking and change the course of his life. (AMY EINHORN, Jan., 416 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters